For Everyone Who Came Here Looking for Naked Soccer Moms

The Naked Soccer Mom

There you are, lounging around the public library wearing nothing but socks when suddenly the phone rings. Surprised, you hope it's the pizza because you're starving.....for loving and are happy to see the whole high school cheerleading team dancing. As the cheesy music begins you can't help yourself, so you do a cheer, awed by the size of the pizza bill that confronts you. Before you know it a car pulls up and it's the Dallas Chamber of Commerce eating the pizza you've been waiting for. Being the gracious host, you spank all of them, much to their delight.

The air is thick with the smell of someone's cheap perfume as 7 people are now writhing in a pile on the floor eating. You're completely absorbed in it, never having enjoyed so many people eating at once. Suddenly you look up and see more cheerleaders staring at you and you grin foolishly. You're caught! They give you a chalkboard so you can keep score next time and you turn them over to the Jehovah's Witnesses as the cheesy music fades out.

The End.

Courtesy of Porn-o-matic, inspired by Diva