Lost or stolen or strayed, 50 or 60 IQ points seem to have been mislaid

I offer a tip of my hat and a hearty "Well done!" to anyone who gets that reference.

I locked myself out of the house yesterday, and had to drive 60 km to my parents' place to retrieve my spare key. In a long story involving a bike, a tuba, and my brother's inability to foresee consequences, I swapped cars with my parents on Thursday. I keep their car key on a separate key ring, along with the key to their apartment, so when I went to work yesterday morning, I had 2 sets of keys - my regular set, which includes the house key, and their keys. When I left work, I had one set - the car key. I didn't notice that I'd left the house key, along with the coat in whose pocket it was resting, until I was about 5 minutes from home - moments before picking up the Wee Lad from daycare, so there was no time to turn around.

Ever the optimist, I thought surely there'd be an openable window somewhere. And there was - our bedroom window, on the second floor, above the very steep and, at the time, wet carport roof. I briefly entertained the notion of climbing up to it, but the driveway looked awfully hard and I didn't think the Lad would do well if left to fend for himself for a couple of days (especially locked out of the house). So we headed into town.

Of course, my folks were delighted and insisted we spend the night. So instead of getting home at quarter to six yesterday, we walked through the front door at 10:30 this morning.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day looking for those missing brain cells.