Burning Bog

Anyone got any marshmallows?

The aptly named Burns Bog is burning. Again. The last big fire was in 1996 - this one is relatively small by comparison, only 2 square kilometers so far. They've brought in the water bombers, but it could be a long battle. It's a peat bog, and as any Irishman worth his salt can tell you, peat burns beautifully.

And right now, the wind is blowing the smoke right into the loading bays of our warehouse - not a lot, but enough to fill the building with hints of burning leaves and bonfires.
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Image courtesy of Google Maps

The weatherman swears it's sunny out there, but from where I sit, it looks like solid, albeit yellow-y, overcast. Apparently you could see the flames for miles last night. I drove within a kilometer or so of the fire this morning, but only saw smoke, and a few helicopters buzzing about like angry hornets (that cliche's mandatory, right, when talking about helicopters? I've never actually seen a hornet, but all the other kids are saying it).