Some Days I Love My Job

I'm working on a pricing model to anticipate future cost increases from our Asian suppliers. It incorporates the market prices of steel, nickel, zinc, and petroleum, labour costs in the Shenzhen region, exchange rate fluctuations for the renminbi and new Taiwan dollar, and the effects of rolling electricity shortages. I've spent over 45 hours in the last 2 weeks building it (and I only work a 28-hour week, so we're talking a significant percentage of my time) and it is A Thing of Beauty.

It's been a fascinating and challenging project, and I would sooo love to have a job that let me do this every day.

Sadly, I fear my data modeling days are coming to an end, at least for now - the big meeting for which all of this is prep work is next Wednesday. I'm harbouring the faintest of faint hopes that I'll have impressed the Higher-Ups with my analytical abilities and that I'll be given more juicy numbers to play with on a regular basis.

I'm not, however, holding my breath.