Well That Went Off The Rails In A Hurry

Was it only a month ago that I finally replaced the long-neglected wildlife tally with a list of what I'm reading? I figured I'd update it weekly. Which, obviously, hasn't happened - mostly because some of the books on the To Be Read list have been devoured, while others in Currently Reading are still languishing on page 43 - I'm not even sure where Mr. Crusoe is anymore, as my mother likes to tidy up while I'm at work, and I still haven't figured out her system for putting books away. I'm pretty sure he's still in the house somewhere but, as I mentioned a while ago, we have a lot of books and it's very easy for one to disappear.

Eragon's finished, Taiko's stalled in a morass of unfamiliar names and places, A Short History is underway (although I haven't picked it up in a week), and I've started Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer, and the lovely coil-bound version of Jim Winter's Second Hand Goods. Plus I've powered through the first 5 volumes of Captain Underpants (highly recommended for your inner 8-year-old boy - and you know you have one!), and reread The Sword and The Lion by Roberta Cray.

Is that it? Probably not, but it's all I can recall without being at home to check the stacks.