On the Inside Looking Out

Dean posted a comment over here in which he said "I covet my wife's incisive intelligence." I smiled when I read it, but it was partly a smile of disbelief.

I don't feel incisive, or even particularly intelligent. I've got a GMAT score worthy of MENSA, so I can't argue when people tell me I'm smart, but I don't see it myself. I wasn't an outstanding student (although my free-n-easy work ethic might have had something to do with that), I haven't made a contribution to a single academic field, and I haven't noticed people flocking to ask my opinion on what's wrong with the world and how to solve it. As I see it, I'm just good at multiple-choice tests.

I do learn new things a little faster than most people, and I'm insatiably curious (and I loooove the internet for its ability to feed that curiosity 24/7), but 'incisively intelligent'?

I dunno. I'm still waiting for proof.