Rhyme & Reason

The MonkeyChild has recently become enamored of rhyming and alliteration. It started with a long series of rhymes like trees - breeze - fleas and degenerated into a race to see who could come up with the most rhymes the fastest: harmonica - barmonica - carmonica. He always won, being unhampered by the need to use real words.

Then he started insisting that harmonica and house rhymed, so I had so explain about alliteration, which set off a whole new chain of creativity: truck - track - trock - triumvirate (OK, that last one was mine). Once that particular thrill wore off, we started looking for things that were both: harmonica - habonica - higonica - helbonica.

Now we're looking for real words that are both alliterative and rhyming. So far, we've come up with:

Some who assaults fish - a snapper slapper

Someone who breaks appliances - a blender bender

One who makes spider-hide shoes - a spinner skinner

One who drinks and dives - a drunker dunker

Since my readers are a uniformly erudite and creative bunch, I want to know: waddaya got for us?