Say What?

The Monkeychild solemnly informed me this morning that the second word he ever read was 'debenture'.

He went to the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa this morning so they met us at my office, en route to the ferry. Traffic was light and we were early so got to spend 15 minutes entertaining my officemates (actually, my parents were 10 minutes early, but opted to spend the time enjoying their coffees in the last silence they'll hear for 3 days). The Boy was a tad excited, making him even more talkative than usual (which is hard to imagine for anyone who's met him). He told the woman at the next desk that his head is bigger than the world, and has one hundred thoughts in it.

With this stupid cold, my head is bigger than a basketball and has <2 things in it. I had a brilliant idea for a poast this morning, and drafted long passages of it whilst driving, but can no longer recall a single word.

This cold sucks.

Ah well, I'm gone for the weekend, so you'll have to cope without my genius (such as it is) for a while longer.