Got A Rack?

I spent the afternoon with my cousin, the very practical, down-to-earth mother of 3 boys - 8, 6, and 4. They keep her busy, to put it mildly. As the only girl in a family of 5, she has to do a lot of explaining of things biological. And put up with all the gross and disgusting things little boys do when they're being little boys.

The other day, she had a friend's 13-year-old son over. He's into girls, and being macho and sexist, so she was prepared for her kids to learn some new things. Sure enough, they come into her room the next morning and her oldest asks "Mom, do you have a rack?" She looked over at the 13-year-old, who was snickering madly to himself, and figuring who was behind the question, decided to get it all out in the open. So she answered "Yes, I do. It's on the car, we tie luggage to it." More snickers, so she continued, "Some people also call a woman's breasts a rack, so I have one of those, too." At this point, the 13-year-old is smothering himself with a pillow, he's laughing so hard, so she decides to go all out. "And you know the thing people put on the front of their cars, to cover the grill? That's called a bra, so some people a woman's breasts headlights. But they're all talking about the same thing - breasts. And yes, all women have them." And then she leaves, so they can enjoy their newfound knowledge.

Later that day, when the guest is gone, she went to her 8-year-old and asked him if the older boy had told him to ask her about having a rack. He said, "No, mom. We were watching a show and they put a guy on a rack and stretched him. So I wondered if you had a rack and could make me taller."