So you thought all Canadians were the same, eh?

Well, we're not. We don't even speak the same way. As a third-generation Vancouverite formerly married to a Torontonian, I have first-hand experience with the problems this can cause*. We had a long-running argument over the pronunciation of decal - he insisted it was "dee-kal" and that I was showing my complete and utter ignorance of all that was right and proper when I said "deck-ull". I finally pulled out his copy of the Oxford English Dictionary (the definitive source for pretentious English majors like my ex) and showed him that both versions were listed. It didn't convince him, but at least he restricted himself to muttering under his breath thereafter.

*It's always worse when someone from Ontario is involved, because they know that they're right and everyone else is wrong (sound like anyone else we know? (not mentioning any countries to the immediate south)).