A Conversation with MonkeyBoy

At dinner on Monday, we asked MonkeyBoy what he'd done at daycare, and he said he and another boy were told to "stop swording people." When asked why he was swording people, he replied "There were three bad bears, and they lived in a apartment. And we took our swords and we sworded them, but the teacher said we can't have webbins in daycare."

We asked if he meant weapons, but he was quite clear about the correct pronounciation. As far as I can tell, webbins fall into 3 basic categories: swords, which are anything long and relatively straight (sometimes sticks can be swords, and they're allowed to be a little wriggly); shooters, which are anything roughly L-shaped; and killers, which are pretty much any other household item he can get his grubby little mitts on. When using a sword, you sword people; when using a shooter, you pow people; and with a killer, you power people. I'm not entirely sure what the distinction is between powing and powering, but I'm sure it's blatantly obvious to any 3-year-old.