Not a Total Write-off

Despite the flat tire, my day was pretty good. My knight in shining glasses came to my rescue, kicked the recalcitrant flat off the car, and insisted on driving it home himself, leaving me the vehicle with 4 good legs.

And a couple of the pictures I took this morning turned out quite nicely.

Here was the first eagle of the day:

I also got some good shots of the mountains to the north, but they lose all majesty when shrunk to a mere 400 pixels, which is all that will fit here. So I shall try linking to one of them - you can (I hope) see it here.

I took two more, one on either side of that tree, and it looks like they line up fairly well, which would give me a panorama twice as wide. But there are some contrast issues that I need Dean's help to resolve, and my exhausted hero has gone to bed for the night so it will have to wait

In other news, when Dean picked MonkeyBoy up from daycare, all the children had had their faces painted like animals. Except MonkeyBoy, whose face was entirely bright yellow. When asked what kind of animal he was, he replied "I'm a Busy Backhoe."

At least he doesn't feel compelled to follow the herd.