Scenes From a Sunday Walk

We did the family walk-in-the-woods thing on Sunday, and a lovely time was had by all. It was sunny and warmish, and there was lots to see (most of it trees).

We found a great, climable stump:

And a hobbit house:

And some interesting hollow trees:

And a carving:

At one point, we had stopped walking for a moment, and noticed that the bushes around us were rapidly filling with chickadees. We hadn't brought any seeds, not expecting it to be open season on park visitors, but thought a bit of fruit leather might be appreciated. For the most part, it was - the little fellows were more than happy to help themselves, although probably 1 in 5 turned up its beak at our offering. Here's Chickadee with a chickadee:

She also got to feed a squirrel, who trailed us through the underbrush for quite a while before we realized that he, too, was looking for handouts. He wouldn't pose for the camera, the ungrateful little beggar.

All in all, a most successful day.