Seasonal Hubris

Yesterday was a lovely, sunny day, and I was going to post a couple of photos of the plants that have emerged in my garden in the last few days. Honestly, my intent was not to brag (well, maybe just a little), but to bring a little hope and cheer to you eastern, ice-locked folks. But the monkey child failed to nap yesterday so I didn't get back out with my camera. What the heck, I figured, I'll take some shots today.

Well, pride goeth before a fall*. Never let it be said that Mother Nature doesn't have a sense of humour. At 9am this morning, it started snowing. Thick, wet flakes. We've got at least an inch now (yeah, I know, an inch isn't real snow. Keep your sniggers to yourselves!), and it shows no signs of abating.

So we went to the park.

Lovely day for a soccer game, no?

Oh yeah, and here's the inspirational shot of the garden:

*Odd. I've used and heard that quote many times before, but I just looked it up and the actual quote, from Proverbs, is "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."