Does This Make Me a Bad Mom?

MonkeyBoy had 3 bowls of FrootLoops for dinner tonight.

I didn't plan it that way, but some Sundays are difficult. When Dean visits his daughter, he gets home at around 8 on Sunday night. I usually try to make something so I can feed MonkeyBoy at 6, then wait to eat my dinner with Dean. Tonight I have a lovely beef stew on the go.

But I got sucked in by an end-aisle display at Save-On - FrootLoops for only $3.99, and there was a free watch in every box. MonkeyBoy has wanted his own watch since Chickadee got one for Christmas and, with typical childish acuity, spotted the freebie from across the store. I don't normally buy sugar-laden cereal - Frosted Mini Wheats is about my limit - but I thought they'd make a better afternoon snack than chips or cookies. At least they've got added vitamins and minerals.

So when we got home, and he asked for a few, I figured it would tide him over until I unpacked the groceries and got his dinner ready. He helped himself to more when I wasn't looking - he was so proud of himself, too. Then he asked for a third bowl, about 45 seconds later, and I realized I'd already lost the battle - that there was no way he was going to settle for stew at this point.

I guess I can take my name off the list of nominees for Mother of the Year already.