Wildlife Photoblogging

A few of my favourite photos for your viewing pleasure.

I've mentioned my father's eagle hobby before, but hadn't figured out how to post photos of his pets, so I decided to rectify that oversight. Here's one of the pair (he can tell them apart, but no one else can) about to snatch a drumstick off the rocks:

As well as providing fresh chicken, my dad likes to scavenge the beach at low tide. One day, he and Chickadee found a dead cod, and brought it over to the usual feeding spot. It was a big fish - 5 lbs, he estimated - and the eagle couldn't make it back to the nest in one go. She (we think it was the female) rested for 10 minutes or so right in front of the cabin, providing the perfect photo opp. Dean took this one:

Another great spot for wildlife spotting is Cabbage Island - we head down there in Dad's boat on sunny days for a change of scenery. And impressive scenery it is.

I almost lost my camera getting this shot - the tide was coming in, and I slipped in waist-deep water on my way back to the beach:

Chickadee and I were building a sand castle one day when this fellow wandered out of the woods. He watched us, but wasn't at all alarmed by our presence as he wandered down to the water:

And last but not least ... Dad rescues frog eggs from a local quarry every year (it dries out before the eggs hatch) and relocates them to his fish pond, which provides a plentiful supply of little tree frogs during the summer. There are always 2 or 3 that take up residence in the rose bushes outside the front door of the cabin. I took this picture last summer, and Chickadee wrote the poem for the Mayne Island Fall Fair (and took first prize in the Under 10 Poetry Competition):

Frog in the Rose

Pinks and golds surrounding you. You and your little bright green body.

One day I walked out and saw you sitting there in the pink and gold rose. You and your little bright green body.

All curled up inside the rose, sleepy in the sun. Shadows on your face and back, in the pink and gold rose. You and your little bright green body.