Doing My Bit For Tourism

I enjoyed a few hours on my own at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal on Friday evening, a rare occurrence (the time on my own, not being at the ferry terminal). Dean was visiting his daughter, Chickadee was with her dad, and MonkeyBoy was with my parents at their cabin, whither I was also bound. I must say that, as hubs of transportation go, the ferry terminal sports some mighty fine scenery. It doesn't hurt if you're passing through right around sunset.

Ubiquitous seagulls

Looking back at Vancouver.

Ferries: one arriving, one departing.
I tried centering this one on the catwalk, to make it more symmetrical, but the sun was in the way.

View from the passenger lounge.

A passing freighter.

Everything but the seagull shot is a thumbnail - click on the photo to see a larger version.