Sauron Buys the Farm

I commented back in October about the abundance of crows in the area - great flocks streaming overhead like ragged banners - and speculated that perhaps it meant Sauron was looking at real estate in the neighbourhood.

Tonight, on my way home from work, my suspicions were confirmed, and I can confidently report that The Evil One himself has purchased a chicken farm on 16th Avenue in Langley ... or at least so the overwhelming abundance of crows in the immediate vicinity would lead me to believe. The fences for a good half mile on either side of said farm were packed with black bodies, the nearby fields looked like the casting call for American Idol, the trees immediately surrounding the barns were completely enveloped, and there was an ominous black whirlwind spinning overhead.

So, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood of Lat. 49.0300586/Long. -122.52387, keep your eyes peeled.