Cold Sweat

The other night, Dean and I were fooling around, with the digital camera, and took some picture of a {ahem} personal nature. The odds are very good that he has already deleted the images from the camera. But if he didn't ...

My parents arrived this morning at 7:30 to take care of the kids while Dean's at his interview. They'll probably take MonkeyBoy to the park unless it's pouring rain. And they may take the camera as they often do.

And it's quite possible that we didn't switch the camera back from View Pictures to Take Pictures. Which means that if they take MonkeyBoy to the park and they take the camera, it's entirely possible that my father will be exposed to a picture of his daughter engaged in the sort of activity that no man wants to admit his daughter does.

Pray for rain, please!

**Update** It didn't rain, but Dean assured me he had already deleted the photos in question. Good thing - imagine my guilt if my dear old dad had dropped dead of a heart attack at the local playground.