A Taste of Summer

Today was nigh on indistinguishable from your basic sunny day in mid-July. It was hot - 30C, which is 'round about 85F - with nary a cloud in the sky. It's supposed to stay hot, too, through the weekend (oOf course, it rained for the long weekend). It even smelled like summer today - that warm, sweet smell of long grass, wild roses, and dust.

Of course, all my summer clothes are still at the back of the storage cupboard, and I'm going to get all sweaty hauling them out.

Today also marked the first time I didn't put on a jacket of some sort to go to work (Dean says I'm the queen of ugly jackets, and he probably has a point. My current favourite used to be his, so it's 6 sizes too big, in stunning shades of green and purple). Of course, most normal people have been jacketless for several weeks, but I'm a cold person (physically, that is. Unless the temp is over 25, I'm cold - cold hands, cold feet. It's nature's way of compensating for my incredibly sunny and warm personality. Or the hot air I'm full of. Whatever).