A very cool site that allows you to see how your website appears to people with various forms of colour-blindness, found via David Pogue's NYTimes blog (might require log-in). What fascinated me was being able to see how the world looks if you're colour-blind (of course, if you are colour-blind, you already know this). Sort of a chance to look through someone else's eyes.

*15 minutes later: my insatiable curiosity led me from the above site to another that provides colour-testing cards online. Both my father and grandfather suffer from mild colour-blindness (my grandfather can't distinguish green from grey, and was well-known for pairing a blue shirt with a green suit, thinking he was being stylish and restrained), and as it's carried on the X chromosome, I decided to try out MonkeyBoy's baby blues. He failed 2 of the 3 tests, but given that he has the usual 3-year-old's attention span (30 seconds, max, unless it involves trucks and/or physical mayhem), it's entirely possible that he was just bored and there's absolutely nothing wrong with his vision.