Scents From the Road

Scents scented on my way home from work, or my commute as your dog might experience it*, with explanatory notes:

Wild roses, sewage (1), cedar, wild roses, aged manure (2), beach at low tide, freshly mown hay, dairy manure (3), drying hay, fresh bread (4), green things (5), diesel exhaust, chicken feed (6), more green things, barbeque briquets, other green things, fertilizer (7), different green things, wood smoke, still more green things, mushroomy green things (8), freshly turned earth, chickens (9), fresh hay, dried hay, yet more green things, greasy spoon cuisine, steak, skunk(10), roast chicken and children who have been playing in the sun (11).

*If he'd lost 99% of his olfactory sense in an industrial accident, or had a really bad cold. Otherwise I'm sure he'd also pick up on all the horses, sheep, cows, llamas, rabbits, small bodies of water, roadkill, etc, that we also passed.

1) The Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant.
2) Being spread on fields, either sprayed on in liquid form (really lovely when you're down wind) or plowed under in a more solid state (lovely when you're behind the tractor for a few miles on your rural drive home).
3) Still in the barn, fresh from the cows.
4) A shopping mall on the outskirts of suburbia which I whip past at 130 km/h.
5) A medley of growing things - blackberry, alder, maple, salmonberry, apple, dandelion, moss, ferns, and a myriad of others. Varies according to the species therein and the water content of the soil. Wet green things smell quite different than dry green things, and cultivated plots are less aromatic than the small patches of untended wilderness.
6) Sweet and grain-scented, a smell indelibly linked to summers on my grandfather's farm.
7) Chemicals and faint aura of fish - not entirely pleasant but a darn sight better than the raw manure they use elsewhere.
8) Mushroom farms abound in the Fraser Valley.
9) A distinctive mix of chicken feed (pleasant) and ammonia (not so much).
10) Actually one of the plants in the complex gardens - not my first choice for a residential area, personally.
11) Mine.