Peaceful Morning

It's just me and the monkey child this weekend. He let me sleep in a full 20 minutes this morning, presenting himself for a cuddle at 6:24. And he didn't start harassing to get up for breakfast until 6:36, so my morning lie-in felt positively decadent.

Since then we've: had cereal (Cheerios for me, low sugar Frosted Flakes for him - chosen solely because they came with a cooooool watch); watched a little educational television; played Spy Kids - I always have to be Romero, the dweeby guy with bad hair and broken glasses; played with the guinea pigs; ate some peanuts from a green M&M dispenser which continues to fascinate one of us with its magical delivery system; played Spy Kids; had a shower/bath and washed our grubby bits; and spent some time chasing a fly around the house, attempting to catch it with our Machete Elastic Wonder (AKA Chickadee's hair elastic) while playing Spy Kids. As soon as we wrestle the other half of the party into some clothes, we're heading down to the Milsean Shoppe for some insanely delicious confections to take to a friend's for dinner tonight. Then we'll probably play Spy Kids some more, have lunch, then hit the road, heading for dinner in the Big City.

I'm guessing there will be yet another round of Spy Kids in the car.

It's probably not the most exciting day you've ever heard of, but I find it quite satisfying on many levels.