Not Much To Say

It's been a slow news week around here. Let's see, what's happened recently ...

1. We've agreed to let Chickadee get a guinea pig. We'll pick it up on Sunday. My mother is at least as excited as the kids about this.
2. I had a meeting close to home this morning so took a different route to work, one with fewer cattle but more llamas.
**Update: I took my usual route home, which added 4 eagles, 3 hawks, 6 llamas, and the big-bollocked bullocks to the day's tally.
3. MonkeyBoy demonstrated his multitasking abilities last night by playing the recorder while rollerskating around the kitchen.
4. Inspired by Trillian, I changed my photo, and may do so again. Repeatedly, if I feel like it.
5. It's hit 16C here the last few days, and things are starting to sprout. The grass will need cutting soon.

And, to wrap things up, some growing things, shot last weekend: