Blogging Lite

I'm feeling guilty for not posting more often of late, although I'm not sure from whence cometh the guilt. I sincerely doubt that anyone is suffering from my lack of output. It just seems that whenever I have something to say, I'm several hours and multiple distractions away from a computer. When I'm actually sitting at the keyboard, I can't think of anything to say. I'm out of my blogging groove (such as it was).

Topics I've entertained in the car but couldn't sustain until I got online:

- André Matthieu, who composed his first piece of music before his fourth birthday to convince his father to teach him music, and what it would be like living with a child genius.

- the Celtic parade we saw last Sunday, with photos.

- pondering why, on some deep, subconscious level, I prefer rain to sun.

- hearing and memory, as it relates to a recent study at Dartmouth College.

- the story of how I lost my virginity, à la Dean and Chellee (OK, I'm just kidding about that one).

There were more but, of course, I've forgotten them all.

And now I'm out of time and must get back to work. I hate it when real life interferes with my hobbies.