An Embarassment of Riches

Which job to accept?
Suddenly options abound
Petals drift like snow

Last week at work, 3 projects that promised to give my job some interest and challenge were shot down. I half expected it, but vowed to polish up my resume and start looking again. Not that I actually did so, of course. My current job is pleasant enough - the people are really nice, they're happy to have me working 4 days a week, if I need to leave early or stay home with a sick child, it's no problem. Of course, I'm on contract, paid by the hour, so it doesn't cost them anything to give me the time off, but there are lots of companies out there that would complain anyhow.

So I've been reasonably content for the last year - 3 days a week I'm quite happy with where I am, and the fourth I mutter under my breath about needing a challenge. Until last week, when I decided that I either have to accept that I'm going to keep myself in a quasi-clerical position until the children are in school full time, or bite the bullet and get back to my marketing roots and look for a real job.

On Tuesday, out of the blue, I got a call from a recruiter who'd pulled my resume from monster.ca. It was for an internet marketing manager's position, paying more than double what I'm making now. I took a look at the posting, and figured I had maybe two-thirds of the qualifications they were looking for. I could probably fake the rest - I'm a very fast learner - but was going to decline the request for an interview until Dean convinced me I had nothing to lose by going.

So I accepted on Wednesday and set an appointment for this afternoon. Yesterday at work, out of the blue, I was handed a very challenging project and basically told to run with it - that whatever resources I wanted would be made available. It would mean working largely on my own, building a database from scratch and doing vast amounts of analysis as I see fit, learning new software ... in short, my ideal challenge. This morning, about 90 minutes before I left for my interview, my boss took me aside and said he'd presented a proposal to convert my contract to a permanent position and hoped to get confirmation within a few days.

Then the interview went very well, although for a slightly different (and less intimidating) position that I think I could do quite well at.

Then I got home to find a message from yet another recruiter, wanting to talk to me about another position.

What's a girl to do?