Attention Deficit

I was not cut out to be a homemaker. I've known this for years - while the skill threshold is relatively low, I lack the requisite affinity for repetitive labour. Ironically, I paid for almost 2 years of university working as a housekeeper at St. Paul's Hospital.

Today, I put MonkeyBoy down for his nap (unsuccessfully, I might add, as he wandered back downstairs about 20 minutes later), then intended to fold the laundry, tidy the kitchen, and clean 2 bathrooms while he slept. Instead, the guinea pigs started wheeping as I came down the hall, which reminded me that I also needed to clean their cage, so I took them outside and settled them on the lawn, then bundled up the used newspapers in their cage. At that point, I noticed the truly spectacular weeds taking over my garden, and spent 20 minutes separating them from the daisies and sweet peas. Then I remembered that I meant to call the power company about getting rid of our old fridge (they pick them up and recycle them, and give you a $30 rebate), so I came in to get the phone number of their website. Then the dryer buzzed, so I managed to fold a load of clothes. Then I picked up the phone to call about the fridge, but had to email Dean about a phone message before I made the call, then my ex called to say Chickadee was sick, and that he'd bring her over instead of me having to pick her up from school, then it occurred to me that I could blog about all of this instead of:

a) finishing the laundry
b) reassembling the guinea pigs' cage
c) starting on the kitchen
d) tackling the bathrooms
e) calling BC Hydro
f) going to get groceries

Of course, a through f still need doing. So I think I'll play school with MonkeyBoy for a while. Nothing like a little mid-day procrastination, right?