Sick Today

Nasty, grungy cold with copious secretions - I've been coughing up oobleck all morning. And I'm running a low-grade fever so I'm alternately sweating in a t-shirt and shivering in a heavy sweater (as I am now), casting furtive glances over at my winter coat, wondering if anyone would notice if I put it on. I'm huddled over a bowl of hot soup right now, trying to suck all the warmth out of it.

Still, I'm not as badly off as I was Monday night, when I was wearing: polar fleece pants, an undershirt, fleece sweater, woolly fleece vest, fleece housecoat, socks and sheepskin slippers. Huddled under a heavy blanket, I could still hear my teeth chattering.

I came in to work because there was a job that absolutely had to get to the printers today. I finished the first proof on Monday and turned it over to the high-maintenance product manager responsible for signing off. She promised to have it on my desk yesterday at 1. Since I don't work Tuesdays, I figured it would be waiting for me so I could run through the edits and fire it off to the press.

Am I surprised that it's still in her hands? No, not really.

I'm cutting out early today - gonna go home and take a nap.