Spring is Sprung

Not really, but the end of winter is in sight. We've had almost 2 weeks of sub-zero weather, 8 inches of snow, and it's supposed to remain below freezing until Monday. It's been brutal. We haven't been able to barbeque since Christmas!

That's your basic Vancouver winter. Two weeks from now, the daffodils and crocii will start pushing their way into the sunlight, and by the end of February, the salmonberry bushes will be sporting a mist of tender greenery. We've probably got a few hard frosts still ahead of us, and many weeks of rain, but odds are very good that we've come through the worst the season has to offer.

The downside is that the lawn will need mowing 20 minutes after the snow melts.

PS. Yes, I know what we get here doesn't actually count as winter. I grew up in Montreal and have vague, harshly repressed memories of snowdrifts over my head, needing 48 layers of clothes to walk to the bus stop, and winds strong enough to suck the glass panes right out of the window frames of our aged house.