Interesting Trip

Well, tonight's drive home was a little more exciting than usual. It's raining clear across the Lower Mainland, a storm about 200km wide, according to Environment Canada's radar map. Heavy rain - a torrential downpour in places. And there's nowhere for it all to go.

My commute home is mostly through farmland - gentle, rolling hills and wide, flat fields. Usually. Tonight it was past a series of shallow lakes. I drove through a few of them, too. I hit five BIG puddles - 3 of them all the way across the road and at least 6" deep. Those, of course, were the three I didn't see before I hit them. The sudden roar and loss of forward momentum was good for a few solid hits of adrenaline.

In addition to the five water hazards, I ran through 2 unexpected swathes of gravel where the better part of someone's driveway had been washed across the road, and there was a lovely stream that had rerouted itself down the yellow line.

Oh, and did I mention that it was foggy? Patches of rich, dense fog, swirling across the road. Lovely if you're a mystery writer.

On the bright side, all the salt should be off my car. And thanks to those puddles, the undercarriage should be as clean as the day it came off the assembly line.

If I can coerce a little cooperation out of MonkeyBoy tomorrow, I'm going to head out to photograph the damage.