Knit Wit

One scarf down, four to go.

I have finished my very first attempt at knitting. It's not exactly a thing of beauty, but it'll go around a neck and keep it somewhat warmer than it would be otherwise. And I've started on a second, more challenging one for Chickadee. Then one for her best friend. Then one for Himself. Then, and only then, will I start the scarf that started me down the endless Road of Yarn. One for me.

On the bright side, it's not like scarves are exactly difficult to knit. Or time consuming. Even I, a total novice with minimal free time, can turn one out in less than a week. The only reason the first one took so long is because I ripped it apart twice when it was 99% finished - the first time, it was very obviously the work of a total neophyte. The second attempt was passable, but a little too wide for a 3-year-old neck, and a little too short for A Busy Boy. I figured I could use the practice, so I started again on Wednesday and cast off the last stitch at about 11 last night.

So there's a slim chance I'll be starting on mine before the holidays. Hmm ... I wonder if there's a market for scarves online.