Illegal Aliens

I saw a furtive pair sneak across the border this morning on my way to
work, but I'm not sure who I should contact to report them.

I've altered my morning route to take me along 0 Avenue (would that be
Zeroth Avenue, or Zeroed Avenue?). It's a strange road, running as it
does about 10' north of the 49th parallel. For the first part of my
trip, there's a second road mirroring it 20' to the south, separated
by a shallow ditch. Crossing into the US here would take one
medium-sized hop. Thanks to the torrential rains we've had in the last
few days, there was a not insignificant amount of Canadian water
flooding across the border. While the Canadian road was dry, the
American one was a good 6" under.

For most of the length of 0 Ave, the land to the south is heavily
wooded – messy, second growth stuff with lots of underbrush. There's
also a largish swamp. But towards the western end, there are 3 or 4
houses on the south side, facing and equal number to the north. It's
odd to think that, for their inhabitants, crossing the street to
admire your neighbour's new rose bush is a criminal offence.

Which brings me back to the miscreants who darted across the road in
front of me this morning, heading north as fast as they could move.
They came out of a wooded stretch in the US, crossed the road and
hopped the fence into a field to the north, heading for cover in the
trees on the far side.

Deer, obviously, are no respecters of international boundaries.