Decisions, Decisions

Himself is thinking of moving to a hosted service for our websites/blogs/what have you. I have no problem moving my personal website which is really just photos of my kids, posted so family members around the world can see them growing.

But the blog ... now there's a dilemma. The way I see it, I have 6 choices:

1. Do nothing. Stick with Blogger and my half-assed (on a good day) efforts here.
2. Keep the sxKitten thing and start another blog, although what the hell I'd find to talk about, given my inability to post meaningfully to a single blog, I don't know.
3. Nuke sxKitten and start over.
4. Move this site to the new host.
5. Move this site's content to a new blog, and turn Diary of a sxKitten into a salacious work of fiction in a blatant attempt to build traffic.
6. Admit that I'm writing this for 2 people, one of them being me, and that I'd be better off just emailing entries to the other and skipping the whole blog process entirely.

Along with these thoughts, I'm also wondering if I should link my blog to my personal site. Would anyone who knows me be interested in what I think when they're not in the room? Would they be shocked and/or appalled by the one or 2 intimate posts? Would I enjoy shocking and/or appalling them? Would it bother me to find out that none of my friends or family want to read what I write?

It's all so very complicated.