I am in pain

All thanks to the Wing of Nut, who took me on a frantic and most unwelcome run in the rain Monday morning. And the day started out so well ... MonkeyBoy and I were just heading out the door for daycare/work, and were actually running 5 minutes early - almost unheard of as he has raised dawdling to an art form. As I held the door open for him the Wing of Nut, who had heretofore been sleeping soundly under the able, suddenly decided to make a dash out to the car. WoN is completely and utterly deaf now, so yelling at him just annoys the neighbours. I told MonkeyBoy to wait inside and charged out after the dog, who was agitating at the back of the car, hoping for a ride. Just as I was going for his collar, he decided he must be at the wrong car and took off, at a full gallop, for our other parking space, about half a block away.

Did I mention it was pouring rain? A real let's-welcome-November-in-style torrential cloudburst.

So, since shouting wasn't going to help anything, I, wearing comfortable for work but lousy for running loafers, went charging after him at a full sprint, splashing joyously through the puddles in my leather shoes.

Did I also mention I hate running?

The dog reached the parking spot about 6' ahead of me, then proceeded to run in and around the neighbouring cars, staying just out of reach, then turned around and charged back to the house, me in hot (and fairly irate) pursuit. I managed to catch hold of his collar just as he reached our carport - just his collar, because The Boy was watching - and he promptly collapsed in a heap, yelping piteously (this is a new trick he does whenever you try to move him from his chosen spot - I'm sure it impresses the heck out of our neighbours). I managed to drag him into the house, sustaining a few hits to my recently pressed trousers from his sodden paws, without giving voice to the more colourful epithets seething in my head. Still, MonkeyBoy did ask me what a flaming moron was.

Anyhow, we made it to daycare and work only slightly delayed, so I figured there was no harm done. Little did I know ... I badly pulled whatever muscle runs down the front of my shins, so that any movement of my feet or ankles sends pain shooting up towards my knees. I've been hobbling around like a crippled stork for the last 2 days, getting much less sympathy than I think I deserve.

Bloody dog.