A blogger phenomenon?

I tend to chatter away to friends, family, and co-workers about the same mundane, trivial things I blather about in print here. Until recently, I've had no problem telling the same story, with minor variations to suit my audience, over and over (and over and over and over, according to Himself) again.

Until I started this blog. Now I find that if I write about something here first, when I then try to tell the same story in person, I feel like I'm ripping off material from someone else - like I'm trying to pass off something I read in the newspaper as my own thoughts. Himself is the only person in my life who knows I have a blog right now, so there's no crossover - I don't have to worry that I'm telling someone a story they've already read here.

It's weird - I find I stop myself mid-tale, feeling vaguely guilty of plagiarism.

Is this a common sensation? Will it pass?

Or am I just strange?

(Yes, I know I'm strange - but is that the only reason I'm suffering this misplaced sense of guilt?)