Bleary Weekends

I'm feeling quite out of synch this weekend. Himself is away - he spends alternate weekends with HouseApe 1.0, who lives with her mother, about 6 hours away from here - having caught the ferry for Vancouver Island right after work. I picked up MonkeyBoy from daycare, rustled up an indifferent supper for us, then headed east to pick up Chickadee, who divides her time between our house and her father's, as close to a 50/50 split as we can manage (my ex lives only 20 minutes away, so it's a more flexible arrangement). Weekends Himself is away, Chickadee is usually here, so I spend my days entertaining the children and trying to keep chaos from completely gaining the upper hand.

It's pouring rain outside - typical November weather around here - so the park is out, as is walking over to rent a movie and acquire slurpies. Chickadee is at a stained glass class right now with her father, a birthday present from him. MonkeyBoy is napping, as is the dog, and I've just killed half an hour playing solitaire instead of doing the dishes and cleaning up. I tried to roust us out of the house earlier to run some errands, but MonkeyBoy announced quite firmly that he just wanted to play in the living room all day, and it didn't seem worth triggering a massive shrieking fit by insisting we head out into the rain.

So the rest of today's busy schedule includes a post-nap trip to get groceries, with a stop at the video store if we make it to the checkout with no tantrums. Tomorrow, I've promised to take the kids to "Uncle McDonald's" so they can play on the giant slides. I don't worry too much about the junk food factor, as between them they consume less than half a Happy Meal.

Chickadee goes back to her dad's tomorrow afternoon, and Himself arrives home shortly before MonkeyBoy's bedtime. We eat dinner together, then head to bed for a little x-rated romping before falling asleep. And I head back to work on Monday feeling vaguely like I should have done more with my time.

So I'm writing this - at least it's more productive than Minesweeper.