Wildlife, or a Lack Thereof

I had thought, when I started this blog, that I might report on the variety of wildlife I see on my daily commute. Thus far I have failed to do so, and I planned today to rectify that failure. Nature, however, thought otherwise, and delivered unto the Lower Mainland heavy, misty, blowing rain. Rain of the type that drives every animal with any sense to seek shelter. So I can mainly report on what I did not see on my way to work this morning.

I did not see any sheep, despite passing two sizeable sheep farms. Neither did I see any cows, although I have not noticed that cows are particularly bothered by inclement weather. Perhaps their farmers, hearing the rain pattering insistently against the windows and knowing the hay has all been safely stored for the winter, hit the Snooze button and let the dairy herds sleep in a little. I saw no horses this morning, although there is usually a magnificent heard of blacks scattered across emerald fields at the eastern edge of Boundary Bay, nor did I see any llamas, imperious and sullen. I also saw not a single deer or coyote, although there were 3 blacktails in my favourite wildlife-viewing meadow yesterday afternoon. I also failed to see the bald eagle who usually perches, on clear mornings, in a dead tree a half mile from my office. I suspect that has more to do with the salmon run in Brackendale, however, than today's rain.

So, you ask with bated breath, what did I see this morning? I saw several pining possums and an ex-raccoon, all somewhat the worse for wear, a sodden hawk on a lamp standard, a few crows, and a pair of odd, ducklike creatures. Grebes, perhaps, or coots, or snipes, or tropes, or memes ...