Staring at a blank page

I told myself I'd try to post something every day, at least weekdays on my lunch break. So here I am, with nothing to say. Sometimes I come up with interesting (at least to me) ideas on my commute to work, but this morning free thought was drowned out by memories of Raffi's 'Aikendrum', which we listened to on the way to daycare/school. I turned it off as soon as I had the car to myself, but it was too late - the tune was firmly lodged in my frontal lobe. On Monday, it was Fred Penner singing "Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine".

This is something nobody warns you about when you're thinking of having children.

On the other hand, there's also nothing that prepares you for the heart-searing love you feel when, for no particular reason, your child wraps his arms around your neck and whispers "You're the best, mom, just the best."

Other moments of parental joy:
- when my daughter discovered how much fun reading by herself could be.
- getting a labouriously handmade get well card when I've been sick. With a poem, no less.
- when we all build and stomp sandcastles together.
- holding hand at the park.
- when either of them masters something new - riding a bike, shooting hoops, booting their own software (OK, that's something of a mixed blessing) ...
- when other people tell me how great my kids are. I know it, but it's nice to get some external validation every now and then.

And all the millions of moments when you can watch them, unaware, caught up in whatever they're doing. And the sticky kisses and grubby hugs they bestow so freely.

Motherhood - I wouldn't trade it for anything.