Random Thoughts

On Being Awakened Far Too Early

A not entirely restful night last night. Someone Short has a cold, a hacking cough that manifested itself every half hour or so all night. My sleep instincts are still twitchy - it's a maternal thing, I think, as I used to be able to tune out anything (I lived next to a firehall one year, heavily trafficked train tracks another, with no loss of sleep) but am now awakened by the sound of a child rolling over in bed in another room, through 2 closed doors. And I remember how hard it was not to wake my own mother, even when I was a teenager. My Beloved Partner wakes to the sound of squealing tires or shouting voices during the night. I never hear those, but I wake to every butterfly sigh of dreaming children.

All of which is to say that SS did not contribute to a sound night's sleep, then decided 6am was a good time to wake up and demand breakfast (salami and cheese on a mini-bagel - I would have insisted on something more traditional, but he's very sadly with this cold and it didn't seem worth the tears a bowl of Cheerios would have induced). As he fall asleep in my arms at 6:15 last night, I'm the only one who's short on sleep. He's snorting and snuffling loudly, but is otherwise quite chipper and perky.