Animal Update

My afternoon commute provided more in the way of animalian variety, although no additions to the list of living wildlife.

I saw a number of disgruntled horses huddled under trees, as well as several herds of oblivious cattle, and a few dreary sheep. Still no llamas, despite the fact that my route takes me past a large llama farm and two non-llama farms that nonetheless employ watch-llamas. Perhaps llamas have a better union than cows and horses - getting a clause in your contract that exempts you from working in case of precipitation is definitely a good thing in Vancouver.

A flock of chickens, a few more duck-thingies, Mallards and domestic whites this time, and something that might have been a goat. Or a dog. Or, possibly, a capybara - it was partially obscured by a shrub, so I didn't get a good look at it. Most likely a goat, as it was in a field normally frequented by assorted ruminants. A capybara would be cooler, though.