Seven Things

The Seven Meme - inspired by Diva & Christopher

7 Things I Can Do:
1. Play the clarinet.
2. Change a flat tire.
3. Whip up a gourmet meal.
4. Recite The Tale of Custard the Dragon from memory.
5. Water ski. Not well.
6. Comfort and soothe my children when they're sick or hurt.
7. Speak French.

7 Things I Can't Do:
1. The splits. Not now, nor at any time in my past.
2. Finish a book after it becomes obvious that something bad is going to happen to a child therein.
3. Remain dry-eyed during either Anne of Green Gables or Dean's Mountain Snowdrop story.
4. Walk out of synch with the muzak at a mall, unless I devote my full attention to the effort.
5. Be rude to my parents.
6. See the hidden image in those stupid Magic Pictures.
7. Kill a man just to watch him die.

7 Things I Have In My Life Now That I Am So Incredibly Grateful For:
1. Dean
2. Our children
3. And the rest of my family.
4. My health.
5. My friends.
6. A big, hungry brain and the curiousity to keep it well fed.
7. Life in a developed nation, where I can be reasonably sure no one I care about will die of malnutrition or treatable disease.

7 Things I Hope To Do Before I Die:
1. Travel - all over the place. Where is less important than with whom.
2. See my children's children grow up happy and healthy.
3. Learn to ride a horse (again).
4. Have a greenhouse so I can indulge my green thumb.
5. Learn to love early mornings.
6. Spend at least 60 years with Dean.
7. Learn to dance.