Nudity Ahead

Hmm ... perhaps that's a bit misleading, since I mean 'ahead in my near future' not 'ahead in this post'. Oh well, tough nellies*. Sue me for false advertising if you like.

It's supposed to be hot here tomorrow, so we're heading for the beach. But not just any old beach. No sir, we're going to the infamous Wreck Beach. That's right, the nekkid beach!

With lots and lots on sunscreen. I have a muchness of skin which has not seen daylight for many years. Actually, I think the last time I was there, I was great with Chickadee, so we're talking 9 years. 9 years and a lot of pasty white flesh. Oh, it's going to be a pretty sight!

*Who the heck are the nellies, anyhow, and why are they so tough? And am I the only person on the planet, besides my mother, who still uses that phrase?