Rescue Call

I missed it, but Grandma and Grandpa got a call on Thursday asking if they'd bring in another abandoned seal pup (#8 for them, #60 for the rescue centre). He's been picked up by kayakers (who had called first) who found him on the beach of a small, uninhabited island. They brought him over to Mayne, and my parents, with the kids, took him over to SaltSpring Island.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The kids named him Hot Chocolate.

He was really little - this is a standard camping cooler:
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Unfortunately, Hot Chocolate didn't make it. He was premature, and hypothermic, and the staff at the rescue centre weren't able to warm him up despite their best efforts. But Cerveza, my parents' first rescue, is doing great, as are several of the others they've brought in.