Non-lethal Cuteness

We didn't get called to rescue any seal pups over the weekend (which in the grand scheme of things is a good thing), so I have no heart-stoppingly adorable pictures of big-eyed orphans. We did, however, receive daily visits from this fellow:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

He wandered up a couple of times a day for a drink, then disappeared under the porch my father insisted was otter-proof. Once upon a time that pot had fish in it - we have no idea what could have happened to them.

I would say more about our fabulous weekend, but Dean pretty much covered all the highlights. Except the part about where I learn that waterskiing at 38 is not the same as waterskiing at 21 - at least not as far as your joints are concerned. Oh, but it was worth the pain!