Silliness on a Sunny Day

A new meme from Ursula via Chellee, wherein you drag your favourite song over to your favourite translation site, translate it into German, then into French, then back into English. I tried a few songs, but decided to morph the meme and go for kid's rhymes (it's just the mood I'm in today - not doing what I'm told, general low level subversiveness, trying to do an end run around the rules because I'm tired of always being the good one). Nursery rhymes don't work as well as regular lyrics - by their nature, they're pretty simple and hard to screw up. But I thought it was funny and, around here (if nowhere else in my life) I'm the only one who counts.

So here, in no particular order, are some mangled-language (would that be manguage, or langled?) nursery rhymes for your reading pleasure:

1. They you placed inside your, at right foot
Placed outside their at right foot;
They placed inside your at right foot,
You agitate completely approximately and him.
They make Hokey-Eingeschraenkte,
And you turn yourselves around.
On this, is that it is completely!

2. It rains, pours it;
The old man schnarcht.
And it did not push its head went to sleep
And he could rise the morning.

3. Little hop rabbits Foo Foo by the forest,
Digging which auffangenmaeuse
And bopping him on the head.
And good Fee, and it came said downwards:
Small FooFoo rabbit that I would not like to see you,
The auffangenmaeuse one to dig and him on the head bopping.
I will give you three probabilities, and if you behave badly,
I make you Idioten.

4. The child of Monday is a fair of the face,
Child of Tuesday is among that seemed fully,
Child of Wednesday is misery,
Child of Thursday must fully go far,
Child of Friday is affectionate and giving ,
Child of Saturday for a life must to work,
But the child who is carried in Sabbath day,
Is suitable and intelligent and good and homosexual.

And, for the sake of experiment, I ran this last one through Google, as well as Babelfish (which did all the previous derangement).

5. On the pipe of insulation
With cheeses I cover completely,
Lost, my bad Fleischkloeschen,
When somebody sneezed.
It stored the table and on the floor,
And then rolled my bad Fleischkloeschen
Towards the line of the door!
It did not roll in a garden
And under a shrub
Was now however my bad Fleischkloeschen
With nothing chews

On the whole pipe
To cover with cheese,
To lose I my bad Fleischkloeschen,
When somebody to sneeze.
To store the table and on the floor,
And then to roll my bad Fleischkloeschen
Towards the line carries it!
To roll in a garden
And under a shrub
Maintaining my bad Fleischkloeschen
Nothing however corn salad