More MonkeyBoy Musings

Last week, MonkeyBoy asked if he could play my guitar (a birthday present from my parents some years ago, never mastered). So I held it on my lap, and he played vigorously, composing the following on the spot:

Sometimes in my heart it makes it feel all shaky
Then I feel like shakin' *

Sometimes my heart feels shaky
You can hug me if you want to
But if you touch my heart you'll feel it shaking

To get the full effect, find a slightly out of tune guitar and strum, with the palm of your hand, from bass to treble strings, energetically but without discernible rhythm. Chant the words, being careful not to match the un-pattern of your strumming, with a mouth full of gum. Two jumbo gumballs should be sufficient.

* Shake your torso enthusiastically at this point, but don't stop playing.