Re: The Capybara

It was a goat. A capybara-coloured goat, to be sure, but a goat nonetheless.

Still, I’'d like to clarify that the existence of a capybara on my daily commute is not completely beyond the realm of possibility. Langley is a municipality rich in exotic wildlife. I live less than 5km (that’'s 3 miles for you non-metric types) from the Great Vancouver Zoo, home to a breeding pair of actual, genuine, real-as-you-and-I capybaras. And about 10km further north lies Mountain View Conservation & Breeding Society, a private game farm devoted to breeding endangered species. At my last job, my daily trek took me within a stone’'s throw of a herd of Bactrian Camels, some addax, and an elephant (the late, much beloved Tina, before she was shipped off to the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary).

So a capybara on 16th Avenue isn'’t a total fantasy. It could happen.