I've thought of all kinds of great things to write about over the last few days - funny things, deep things, incredibly insightful things that would make you bow down in awe of my amazing intellect and brilliant writing skills.

I had, of course, neither the time nor the ability to blog when I thought about them. And now that I've done the grocery shopping, fed the children, run the dishwasher, rounded up the laundry, applied for a mortgage online (and wasn't that a barrel of laughs!), registered for two sessions of gymnastics (not for me, although flexibility in a soccer mom would probably be a good thing), put the guinea pigs out for some fresh air and lawn clippings ... and a few dozen other household chores, and actually have time to sit down at the keyboard, I can remember none of them. Not a one. Nada. Zip. Zilch. In other words, bugger all.